State Agency

Reliable financial information is foundational to understanding an organization’s past and guiding its future. Our State Agency division provides a variety of services to ensure reliability of financial information on both a statewide and individual agency level. Our statewide responsibilities include the audit of the State’s comprehensive annual financial report and the audit of the State’s schedule of expenditures of federal awards. We also provide annual audit and other services for state agencies, which are designed to meet regulatory requirements while helping to:


The Medicaid program provides health coverage to disadvantaged individuals and families and is funded jointly by state and federal governments. Our Medicaid division ensures that our state’s nursing facilities providing Medicaid services comply with state and federal requirements related to cost reimbursement claims.

We work closely with the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, which administers the state’s Medicaid program and contracts for our assistance.

Internal Audit Services

Leading internal audit functions have evolved from simply monitoring compliance to working with an organization’s management to deepen their understanding of emerging risks. Our Internal Audit Services division performs independent and objective assurance and consulting activities through a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluating governance, risk and compliance.

Our insights allow agency leaders to better align organizational risks with strategy so that they are prepared for future challenges.

Learn more about this division by visiting the Internal Audit Services page on the South Carolina Department of Transportation website.


Our Administration division is the core of our agency and provides support for: