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About SC OSA

The Office of the State Auditor serves as the independent audit function for the State of South Carolina.

Our assurance services enhance accountability and transparency in our state government. Through State Agency, Medicaid and Internal Audit Services delivery divisions, we strive to make a positive impact on behalf of South Carolinians.

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Working at SC OSA

Working for the Office of the State Auditor has been a tremendous blessing! I have gained so much knowledge and experience working with the Medicaid Audit Division. The flexible work hours our office offers have been wonderful. Since starting in August 2015, I’ve gotten married and had a child while still enhancing my career. I love the opportunities I receive here!

Rebecca Balser

I enjoy working at the Office of the State Auditor because of the great work environment! I personally have taken full advantage of our flexible work schedule. It allows me to tailor my workday and maximize my time while studying for the CPA exams. The office has assisted in coordinating with vendors for discounts on exam study materials and upon completion of the exam you earn a bonus. I also enjoy the various activities during and outside of office hours that enable you to network with co-workers.

Larry Elmore